Our policy is to offer the OPTIMAL PRICE without  discount.

Welcome to grecaridea ART. We are artists and art producers, which allows us to offer great quality pieces at an ideal price. Thanks to our work technique we can offer a different way of understanding art to transform it into an accessible product without giving up exclusivity and originality.

All of our creations are made by our artist Magda Gregori, a great enthusiast of art. The process of creation and production are carried out in our studio-workshop in Igualada (Barcelona).

So that we can control the quality of our work and the strict fulfillment of our delivery dates.

Surf through our virtual gallery and find out more about our collections. You can do it with absolute trust in our guarantee. If the piece you receive is not what you expected, you will have 7 days to change it or give it back.

How we work. Our production process lets us offer a very different product from the ones you can find in other virtual galleries.

Magda Gregori, our artist, creates original pieces of art which we later reproduce with our special high quality digital printing technique. Each piece is produced digitally in our workshop by demand.

In the PREMIUM finished, our artist personalizes her work with hand and brush details. Once it's finished, we prepare the painting with the last details, varnishing, framing, etc) and we deliver it to the address you give us. This way, we create unique and unrepeatable pieces of art.

This is a short-scale process, but at the same time, it lets us go really far. We only produce on request. As we do not have a warehouse, we can reduce our budget and offer you a recently painted piece within a very short time.

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