An original painting, a very original painting, a unique painting

Published : 03/13/2013 19:40:19

Other times we say “very original” when we want to express the idea that we consider that the realisation or the conceptualisation of such object is very innovative or different from what we are used to.

When we say something is “unique”, what we are describing is an object that cannot be repeated, and what we mean is that we won't find another one which is exactly the same.

In art, the word “original” is understood as something that has been made directly by the creator of the piece of art. In other words, the original would be the mould of the idea developed by the artist.

We sometimes use the word original in an inappropriate way, because we call paintings that have been made industrially produced “originals”, when they have actually been made in a production chain, as if they were common objects. We say they are “originals” just because they have relief and pretend to have been made by the artist himself when we know too well that factory chains are a lot of things except original.

When a person is in front of a painting, he or she won't be that much interested in knowing if the painting is an original or not, as long as he or she likes it. But probably this person will like to know who made it and how. At gracaridea ART we make reproductions from artist Magda Gregori originals which, having been retouched by the artist herself, have become unique and unrepetible pieces of art. This is a new way of understanding art which we offer to our clients with complete guarantee of quality and seriousness.

We invite you to decorate your space with paintings made by our artist which you will only find on our web.

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