Cleaning and maintenance. 4 basic materials

Published : 05/26/2016 19:39:22

As a basic rule, in all of our works we use UV light resistant dyes with which we guarantee the strength of colours.


Apart from using UV light resistant dyes, we employ a protective varnish  which increases resistance and duration of our works.

To clean them, it is enough to dust them with a feather duster or a dry brush. It is important not to wipe with cloths or sponges and not to employ any kind of fluid because we could dissolve the painting's protective varnish and pigments.


Apart from being printed with UV light resistant dyes, we coat them with a protective laminated film.

This allows us to clean them with a chamois cloth soaked with window-cleaning fluid.


We will always clean methacrylate with a chamois cloth soaked with window-cleaning fluid. We can also use alcohol if we think it's necessary.

What we must avoid at all costs is to use tools which can scratch the methacrylate, since, unlike glass, methacrylate is easy to scratch.


It's easy to take care of sculptures. We only need to dust them with a dry brush.

We recommend not to use fluids that can damage the sculpture's patina.

Follow our tips. You will have no problems with your works of art and you'll be able to enjoy them for many years.

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