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How to hang a painting without making a mess

Published : 06/23/2014 19:31:19

 Here is a tip so as not to get your floor dirty and which will make the hanging of a painting the cleanest task possible. 

To prevent dirtiness, we recommend a little tip that you can use everytime you want to hang a painting or any other thing on the wall.

The technique is really easy and convenient. It consists of taping an envelope on the wall with its adhesive tape. The envelope must be placed just under the place where we are going to bore the holes. We can use an envelope or make a similar structure with a piece of paper.

Before starting to bore, make sure the envelope is open. Once we have started boring the wall, the scrap will fall inside the envelope and not on the flooor.

When the first hole is made, unstick the envelope and stick it again wherever you want to make the next hole. You don't need to replace the sticky tape.

This way, you won't have to clean the floor once you have finished hanging the painting. What's more, you will not have to remove furniture or any other thing below the painting.

This is a simple and convinent tip. Have you ever tried it? Do you have any more similar tips?

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