Shopping for a picture online. Why not?

Published : 06/05/2017 20:21:20

What are the advantages?

- I can select the onlines stores I'm interested in from home and I can learn about the style that best suits me. This makes it time-saving and convenient.

- In a real physical shop I will probably never find the variety that an online sales web can offer me.

- The painting I chose will be just painted since, in online sales, paintings are usually made immediately after the order has been made. In a real shop, a           painting  risks being hit and damaged.

- I receive the picture comfortably at home, avoiding transport inconveniences, especially when it comes to big size paintings.

- In most online stores, refund is guaranteed in case I receive something that doesn't really convince me.

And the disadvantages?

-  How can I appreciate textures?

-  Will the colours be like the ones I see on the screen?

-  Are payment procedures safe?

-  Can I trust it will be delivered in good conditions?

-  Will delivery periods be respected?

-  What if I did not get it right with measures or colours?

-  What happens if I don't like it when I receive it?

It is normal that you make yourself these questions. In gracaridea ART we are really concerned with showing our pictures in the clearest possible way and with explaining our proposals in a simple and understandable manner.

It is also very clear to us that our future depends on the trust our customers have on us and this is only possible to achieve by being very professional.

What our customer gets must exeed what he or she has seen on the web. Out best advertising is the one that comes from word of mouth.

A little piece of advice: Take yourself the time you need before you make a decision and, if you are still not very sure about it, call our customer service call center. We will advise you in whatever you need.

Are you ready to trust us now?

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