Our policy is to offer the OPTIMAL PRICE without  discount.

Send us a photo of the space you want to decorate and we will make a photomontage without compromise so you can get an idea as real as possible.

It is important that you make the photo with good lighting and with the frame as frontal as possible.

In the description field, it is essential that you indicate us:

  • The title of the painting that you like.
  • A measure of width and height between two points of the photo that we can identify.


At the base of the project, the external width of the sofa is 280 cm. and the height of the door is 210 cm.

In project 1 we have placed a 180x80 cm painting in the first case and in the second case two 115x80 cm paintings each one.


project basis project 1

In accordance with the law of datum protection, the information that you facilitate us will be used only to contact you to answer your requests.

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