3 consejos FENG SHUI para la decoraciˇn de tu estancia.

Los 4 Feng-básicos.

     1- Neutro: tanto para las paredes como para los detalles, elige colores neutros. Huye de los estridentes, de la frialdad y de la extrema calidez, porque dificultarán tu descanso.

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Cleaning and maintenance. 4 basic materials

Each material needs a proper care, which is generally very simple.

If you follow our tips you will be able to enjoy your works of art for years.

As a basic rule, in all of our works we use UV light resistant dyes with which we guarantee the strength of colours.

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3 basic rules to follow when hanging a painting
Sometimes we have been invited to a friend's house and have seen paintings hanging very close to the ceiling. Other times they are slightly inclined. They do not look all right!. Here you have three basic tips which you can follow when hanging paintings. We hope they help you!

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Welcome Spring

We feel like going out, changing our wardrobe, moving furniture.... we feel like EXPERIMENTING CHANGES...

We might have thought about painting the walls with new colours and give our home a new and renovated look.

We propose some ideas for this renovation. Colour will always be our ally. Whether of neutral or bright tones, colour can strikingly change our living room, bedroom...

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Exhibition FineArt Igualada 2017

grecaridea ART's team has been to an important event held in Igualada.

It is FineArt, a big photography exhibition which is held every year in the month of March and which hosts a selection of photos of photographers from all over the world.

During the weeks prior to the opening, our team worked in the preparations for the exhibition, more specifically in the printing and editing of the photos taken by photographer Jordi Saragossa which were shown in a cosy space, especially set up for the occasion at Santa Maria's rectory in Igualada. The title of the exhibition was “Shading Killian Jornet”

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Shopping for a picture online. Why not?

You might have never thought about it before. Times change and new technologies make online shopping even easier than buying in a shop.

What are the advantages?

- I can select the onlines stores I'm interested in from home and I can learn about the style that best suits me. This makes it time-saving and convenient.

- In a real physical shop I will probably never find the variety that an online sales web can offer me.

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Big format diptychs

Designed to occupy big areas with a single image.

- Vertically: with sizes up to 160cm wide and 200cm high. Ideal to place at the background wall in gradient changes of stairs.

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An original painting, a very original painting, a unique painting

We sometimes use the word “original” when we want to describe that something, an object, a painting or a sculpture, has meen made by the author him/herself. Other times we say “very original” when we want to express the idea that we consider that the realisation or the conceptualisation of such object is very innovative or different from what we are used to.

When we say something is “unique”, what we are describing is an object that cannot be repeated, and what we mean is that we won't find another one which is exactly the same.

In art, the word “original” is understood as something that has been made directly by the creator of the piece of art. In other words, the original would be the mould of the idea developed by the artist.

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A horizontal big size abstract painting

Do you have a big wall surface and you don't know what to put on it?

Just one painting would be too little and with several paintings the wall would look overloaded.

We might have the solution for you. Hang a big size abstact painting which is split up in four parts and this way you will be able to decorate the whole wall with just one painting.

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How big should be the painting I buy?

Will the measures of this painting be appropriate to the space where I want to place it?

This is a question we often make ourselves when we are shopping for a painting, and we sometimes refrain from buying it because we are not sure if we will get the measures right.

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